Otter Creek Outfitters

Contact:: Ron Lavoie

Location: Spiritwood, SK



Phone: 3068837586

Description: We specialize in hunting TROPHY black bear and white tail deer only. We take a maximum of 6 bear hunters every other year and with the extensive use of trail cameras we only hunt bears that are over 400 pounds, now obviously these are record book bears. We have well over 140,000 acres of excellent bear country that we have exclusive outfitting rights on. Our bears have time to get old and BIG. Trophy White Tail deer hunts: We have exclusive outfitting rights on 140,000 acres of prime Saskatchewan White Tail deer area. Our hunts are tailored strictly towards hunting mature bucks. The hunts are a full 8 days and again with the use of trail cameras we put you in the right place so you have the best chance at that "Buck of a lifetime". We only take 32 hunters per year so it gives our clients approximately 4300 acres per person and plenty of mature bucks to hunt. The lodge is located in the forest, lodge is new and fully modern with all the comforts of a five star hotel including an excellent Chef. Our average score on bucks taken in 2016 is 168 gross B&C with 29 hunters taking 14 bucks scoring from 153 to 189 B&C. We have increased the minimum score to 160 for the 2017 season, by doing this we will eliminate most of the 3.5 year old deer in the harvest. These are the bucks that will be 170 class "NEXT" year and that is our goal here at Otter average 170 B&C with 60% or better hunter success. We have a very high number of repeat clients, however if you are interested in hunting a place where YOU know that you will be hunting 170 class bucks...then just get in touch with me and I will send you more information and get you on our waiting list. Although we are licensed to hunt 65 people per year on our lease, we have reduced the number of hunters by over 50% in order to achieve the 170 average score. REMEMBER...there is NO shortcut to big mature whitetail bucks...they need time, by reducing the pressure on our bucks we have given them the missing ingredient (TIME). Check out our photo page to see what we have for bucks to look forward to in 2017, all of the bucks pictured here are alive and well AFTER the hunting season in 2016. As you are scrolling through the 2017 "Lineup" keep in mind that all of these bucks are 3.5 or 4.5 years old and they WILL put on between 15 to 30 inches of antler this year. We currently have 1 hunt available for 2017, dates are November 9 to November 18

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543 Scissons Cres., Saskatoon, SK

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